Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Feelings Suspended

At dahil Tag-Ulan na ngayon at malamig,

Nais ko sanang sabihin sa iyo na wag kang umasa sa isang relasyon...
Na i-nassume mo na merong kayo kahit sa katotohanan naman ay walang kayo, at walang tayo...

Relasyong inakala mo na may patutunguhan at may kalalagyan...
Relasyong inasahan mong uusbong sa bawat araw na dumadaan...

Hanggang sa magising ka na lang ang lahat pala ay i-nassume mo lang...
Tapos sisisihin mo na "Paasa" sya...

Wag tayong "Tanga" actually maraming ganun kasama na ako...
Tanga ang tawag sa kagaya ko na nag mahal at umasa...

Kaya huminto at mag-isip,
Gumising at imulat ang iyong mata sa katotohanan...
Na walang kayo at walang tayo...

Monday, August 6, 2018

Lugawan sa Tejeros

Been craving for Goto/Lugaw/Rice Porridge lately :) and thank goodness the infamous Lugawan sa Tejeros is just around Makati. The name rang a bell since I've been hearing so many stories of recommendations about this place. They said lugaw in this place is superb and cheap yet won't disappoint. So, this one rainy afternoon we decided to go there and ordered their best seller.

We rode a jeepney along Pasong Tamo/Chino Roces avenue with a signage "PRC" and asked the jeepney driver to drop us off to the exact place. Saw the place with jammed pack of people ordering their own favorite Lugaw/Goto. It's actually very hard to call the attention of the server since there is no line who will take first to order. People are just taking turns as they please and when they caught the servers attention. 

Anyway, the menu is listed on the wall and lower portion of their ceiling as follows;

L1 Php 15.00 Lugaw Plain
L2 Php 25.00 Lugaw with Egg
L3 Php 30.00 Lugaw with Lechon Kawali
L4 Php 40.00 Lugaw with Lechon Kawali and Egg

G1 Php 25.00 Goto
G2 Php 35.00 Goto with Egg
G3 Php 40.00 Goto with Lechon Kawali
G4 Php 50.00 Goto with Lechon Kawali and Egg

Other Single Order
Php 50.00 Lechon Kawali
Php 40.00 Tokwa't Baboy
Php 15.00 Tokwa
Php 12.00 Lumpiang Togue
Php 35.00 Palabok

I actually loved the taste of their infamous GOTO with lechon kawali and Egg. Their prices were competitive and what we called pang-masa.

However, I do not reccommend eating in their place as they are normally very crowded. And also they do not have bigger space to accommodate customers who will dine in. As you can see on my picture above this is located just in the corner of the street and No Parking space available for your vehicle to park. So, take out is highly reccommended.

Address: Lugawan sa Tejeros, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Open 24 Hours 7 days a week
Peak wait up to 15 mins from 6:00 PM–9:30 PM
People typically spend 25 min here

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Goto Believe

Friday is devoted as my sibs/kiddos bonding.

We hang-out and just spend time catching up with each other's lives as we do not live anymore in one roof. My sissy Shine suggested to try a new foodie in Mandaluyong City known for its sumptuous Goto/porridge serving. So, in the middle of Manila's sleeping hour we drive through EDSA and were shocked that the traffic is just like any 7 PM rush hour jammed. Oh, wow! traffic in Manila is really crazy. Good thing we lived somewhere in the south were traffic is moderate during this time of the night.
GOTOBelieve Murals
So, we came in this place called GOTOBelieve and indeed I do have high expectations as what I saw online. So the place is inside a neighborhood and from a makeshift garage to an eatery opened 24 hours. The place is kinda small yet, well lighted and comfy. The menus does not disappoint as well as the prices- indeed worth the travel and the wait.

The Goto were satisfying and made my palate enjoyed the entire bowl of what I ordered Goto Infierno- it's actually the spicy version of their goto and it does makes wonder in my taste buds. Yum is all I can say.

They have so many options and toppings that you could choose from. All were Pinoy street foods that we indeed love as we grew up. I highly recommend the place and include their very menu for those who wish to try. Very affordable, satisfying and good for those who wanted to try something new out from our ordinary daily lugaw.
OMG! Oh My GOTO- comes with 10 toppings Php 319.00 good for 3-4 pax

Tokwat Baboy Php 135.00

Chicharong Bulaklak Php 50.00 

OMG! Oh My Goto

GOTO Infierno! Spicy Goto to try :) Php 65.00
Goto Believe Location

Table banner with condiments

Goto Believe Menu

Address: 640 San Rafael St, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 0917 701 5506

No reservations needed!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ikaw at Dahil sa Iyo

Dahil sa iyo,
Sumilay muli ang mga ngiti sa aking labi.

Dahil sa iyo,
Naging makulay at exciting muli ang bawat sandali.

Dahil sa iyo,
Nalimutan ko ang mga pait ng kahapon.

Dahil sa iyo,
Natuto muli akong akong pawalan ang sakit ng nakaraan.

Na nag bigay kasiyahan sa aking bawat araw.

Na nakapag papagaan ng dadaming pagod sa mag-hapon.

Na isang magandang dahilan na pupuede ulit mag-mahal.

Na syang gumigising sa damdamin kong matagal na nahimlay.

Na handang tanggapin at mahalin ako ng buong buong.

Nasabi ko ba, na gusto kita?
O di man gusto, pagkat gustong-gusto kita.
O di kaya nabanggit man lamang na hinahanap hanap ka.
Pagkat ang mawalay sa iyo ay tila bangungot na rumirima.

Ang iyong halakhak na kay sarap sa tenga
ay tila musika sa aking balana.
Tila lutang sa mag-hapon kapag kausap ka na.
Pagkat humhaplos ang iyong boses na kay tamis
sa puso kong na nanabik.

Nasabi ko ba, na Mahal kita?
Di man mahal pagkat, Mahal na Mahal kita
O, Mikoy ang ma-angkin ka ay tila napakahalaga
Makamtan ang pag-ibig mo ay sadyang aking tema.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bakit ako?

Bakit Ako?

Anu bang nakita mo sa akin,
At bakit ako?

Sa dinami-dami nila dumaan sa iyo,
Pero bakit ako?

Maganda, mas bata, mayaman,
bakit ako?

Ako, na may mapait na nakaraan
bakit ako?

Ako, na iniwan at sinaktan
bakit ako?

Ilang beses man kitang itinaboy
 pero nandyan ka pa din...

Ilang beses kitang binalocked
  pero di mo pa din ako tinalikuran...

Sana, sa mga darating pang panahon 
  di ka mag-sasawa sa akin...

Sana, sa mga buwan at araw pang mag dadaan
 di ka mag-babago sa akin...

Bakit ako?
 ang mga tanong ko na paulit ulit mo nang sinagot

Bakit ako?
 ang laging kong tinatanong na walang 
 sawa mong sinasagot...

Bakit ako?
 na palaging mong sinasagot
 na walang dahilan kundi "Mahal kita!"

#ako #bakit #bakitako #tulakoparasaiyo #istariray23moments

Saturday, July 7, 2018

SM Mall of Asia Bayside

Walking way passed these places and my photography drive kicked in once again. Sharing some of my shots of the bayside area of SM Mall of Asia. It was a bit rainy when I took these shots and indeed felt so good while taking some snaps.